Melissa Erin Jackson

Shuttered Secrets

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He doesn’t want her to focus on the past.

It’s been six months since Riley Thomas, reluctant medium extraordinaire, has had a ghost haunting her apartment, and she prefers it that way. Life is less complicated when the dead aren’t trying to get her attention. Her best friend is getting married and wants to DIY her way through her wedding prep—Riley’s got no time for ghosts.

One of Jade’s wedding must-haves are vintage cameras her guests can use to help document the big day. The months-long hunt for the relics leads them to a thrift shop jackpot, and Riley adds the cameras to her growing pile of wedding supplies in her apartment. That night, Riley gets a midnight wake-up call from a ghostly woman in a yellow dress.

Even after the haunted cameras are removed from her apartment, the ghost woman keeps popping up in Riley’s dreams. Tracking down the previous owner of the cameras proves difficult, and as Riley digs deeper, she uncovers several cases of missing Black women in the area.

For years, these missing women were ignored by the media, allowing their predator to get away with his crimes again and again. Until the woman in the yellow dress seeks Riley’s help, that is. Riley is determined to uncover the identity of this elusive predator … but now he knows she’s looking. And he’s hell-bent on making sure she ends up another statistic, just like the others.

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